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Who is BDC Buddy?

BDC Buddy is an Automotive Dealership Coaching company, created by Adam Ross solely to help car dealers get more out of their monthly online advertising spend. We do this through process improvement and coaching with salespeople and management.

The average auto dealer gets 500 internet leads per month at an average cost of $20 per lead, or$10,000. How does your dealership ensure that your people are maximizing sales from that $10,000 each month?

Does your dealership have the process in place to properly address 500 leads per month and keep customers happy?

BDC Buddy can help your dealership cross the finish line in first place every month!

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BDC Buddy will help your Dealership BDC Cross the Finish Line in First Place!

BDC Buddy’s Focus

Our sole focus is to make sure your auto dealership employees are properly contacting and consistently following up with more of your prospects.

BDC Buddy will help you refine/update your car dealership’s online sales contact process and implement new techniques to improve client relations and incrementally add sales each month.

  • Our Coaching Helps Automotive Dealerships Increase Lead-to-Appointment Ratios
  • Our Techniques Help Car Dealers Increase Appointment-to-Show Ratios
  • Our Consulting Helps Auto Dealerships Increase Show-to-Close Ratios
  • Hire Us to Help Your Car Dealership Reduce Employee Turnover
  • By Providing Your Dealership Employees With Quality Coaching that Works, You Will Improve Morale

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